Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Tutorial

Disney Vacation Club Logo

Disney Vacation Club Logo

So the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) has always caught your eye!  How can it not?  Every nook and cranny of the WDW Resort has at least one DVC kiosk setup.  This along with new additions to to DVC Resort family make this hard to miss when visiting Walt Disney World.

For years people have asked “Do you own DVC?”  Well, that’s kind of a long story as we did purchase points when Saratoga Springs was being initially sold HOWEVER when we got back home from our trip, we saw our house that we’re currently living in and while possible financially, it didn’t make too much sense at that time.  It’s the old ‘sometimes real life gets in the way” syndrome!

Having said that, over at our ALMTM YouTube channel, my ALMTM partner posted a very informative video explaining how DVC works.  If you’ve ever thought of owning or are maybe in the market for purchasing DVC points, I highly recommend giving this video a look.

Disney Vacation Club explained



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